Lab People

Graduate Students


Georgina Cox


Ph.D student, February 2010 –

M.Sc student, July 2007-February 2010

cox [at]

RESEARCH TOPIC: Coronary circulation in fishes.

Chen Zhongqi


Ph.D student, September 2010 –

czq2010 [at]

RESEARCH TOPIC: Genetic basis of temperature tolerance in salmonids.





Chris Wilson


Ph.D student, September 2007 –

chris7_77 [at]

RESEARCH TOPIC: Excitation-contraction-coupling in cardiac myocytes and cardiac pacemaking in hagfish.





Helen Drost


Ph.D student, September 2010 –

hed [at]

RESEARCH TOPIC: Food web resilience with changing oceanographic conditions in the Canadian Arctic Ocean.





Sabine Lague


PhD student, September 2011 –

lague [at]

RESEARCH TOPIC: Cardiovascular adaptations to high-altitude hypoxia in bar-headed geese and environmental hypoxia in tilapia.




Hamid Safi


M.Sc student, September 2013 –

hamidsafi [at]

RESEARCH TOPIC: Thermal tolerance of killifish hearts.





Rachel Sutcliffe


M.Sc student, September 2013 –

RESEARCH TOPIC: Pacemaker channel expression in salmon hearts. 

Yangfan Zhang


M.Sc student, September 2014 –

yangfan [at]

RESEARCH TOPIC: Applying physiology to aquaculture.




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Former Lab Members


Katja Anttila


Post-Doctoral Fellow, May 2010 – August 2012

anttila [at]

RESEARCH TOPIC: The effect of climate change on the molecular physiology of fish.





Matt Casselman


M.Sc student, September 2009 – February 2012

mattcass [at]

RESEARCH TOPIC: Thermal optimums and critical limits of juvenile salmon.





Zoe Gallagher


M.Sc student, May 2008 – October 2011

zgallag [at]

RESEARCH TOPIC: Ontogeny of salinity tolerance in larval and juvenile salmon.





Erika Eliason


Ph.D student, August 2006 – August 2011

eeliason [at]

RESEARCH TOPIC: Effect of temperature on the swim performance of Fraser River sockeye during spawning migration.





Gina Galli


Post-Doctoral Fellow, July 2008 – October 2010

ggalli [at]

RESEARCH TOPIC: Cellular mechanisms that underlie the turtle heart’s remarkable resistance to anoxia and acidosis.





Sebastian Pieperhoff


Post-Doctoral Fellow, May 2008 – June 2010

sebastian4121976 [at]

RESEARCH TOPIC: Ultrastructural changes in heart muscle architecture during spawning migration of semelparous salmonid species – cell contacts of salmonid and other fish heart muscle cells





Mike Sackville


M.Sc student, April 2007 – January 2010

mikesack [at]

RESEARCH TOPIC: Sub-lethal effects of salmon lice (L. salmonis) on ionoregulation in juvenile pink salmon (O. gorbuscha)


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